Buy the market’s most popular Tape Hair Extensions from Poze!

Poze Tape Hair Extensions - We have taken hair extensions to the next level!

A few years ago, Hair Extensions was very limited and there were no products that fit everyone's needs. Now the market is different and thanks to developments today's products for hair extensions suits most people. Poze has always had the goal to develop our products to the next level and to improve in every way. This goal we have attained and we can proudly present our Tape Hair Extensions that has quickly become one of our successful products thanks to the quality and flexibility. The difference is clear and you will quickly discover the benefits of Poze Hair Extensions.

Benefits of Poze Tape Hair Extensions
With Poze tape hair extension, you can get longer and thicker hair in a short time. Tape hair extensions is a flexible product that offers comfort, natural results and is gentle on your hair. With Poze tape hair extension, you can easily reuse the hair by replacing the old tape with new.

Poze Tape Hair Extensions, makes magic happen...
Select your TAPE HAIR EXTENSIONS below: 
  • Poze Tape On Extensions - 52g
    Available in several colors

  • Poze Premium Tape On Hair Extensions - 52g
    Available in several colours