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Är du inne på röda tankar så kan vi rekommendera dig Soft Red som är mjuk i tonen med något koppriga inslag. En suverän nyans som du kan vara extra kreativ med och blanda med svarta, bruna eller blonda färger. Även perfekt att använda med intensiv röda toner om man önskar mjuka upp resultatet något.
Poze Standard Magic Tip Extensions Soft Red 7RK - 50cm
Poze Standard Magic Tip Extensions Soft Red 7RK - 50cm
Get longer and fuller hair with revolutionary hair extension...


For most women, it is not taken for granted to be able to have long and luscious hair. This is something we have decided to change. Follow us to an exciting world of hair extensions where nothing is impossible. With the help of our modern products, you can be sure of a result that looks and feels magical. Thanks to our amazing team of hair stylists, scientists and craftsmen, we can develop new products that meets all needs and requirements. Poze is an international brand that is widely used in the fashion industry and the movie world. In the development of our products, we always respect the environment and place great emphasis on quality at every stage.
Join us in our exciting journey and let us inspire you with timeless styles and elegance that you can easily create with Poze hair extensions. You are welcome to contact our support team consisting of experienced hair stylists with years of experience and a passion for Hair Extensions.

Poze offers outstanding hair products developed for you! 



Hair Extensions is the international name for all types of Hair Extensions and includes all products. In our product range you will find the most popular Clip & Go / Clip On Extensions, Tape Hair Extensions, Hair Weft, Keratin Extensions and Magic Tip. We have developed products to offer you what suits your hair and fulfill your wishes. Poze Hair Extensions are available in all colors, shades and lengths with a superior quality. 

Our products have helped women around the world to fulfill the dream of a longer and fuller hair, let us help you with that dream!