See which Poze products Åsa Jelly Devote use.
Åsa Jellydevote
Åsa is an inspiring girl who made a fantastic journey where she proves that nothing is impossible. She trains hard, blogs, and working in various events and arrangements. With great passion to fitness, clothing and fashion, she is a natural source of inspiration for everyone with common interests. Åsa use Poze products to get to her stylish hair everyday.
Poze Premium Keratin Extensions  - 8A/10NV MIXED WITH 12N/9N
I have used different types of hair extensions for several years and was recommended by a business colleague to try Poze. After testing it I totally understand why many recommend Poze products. Keratin extensions are my favorite because it suits me who exercise often and I feel amazing results every day.
Poze Flip & Go Extensions  - 8A/10NV
This is one of my absolute favorites and a "must have" for every girl. Flip & Go is absolutely amazing and gives a result I never thought possible in just minutes. It is comfortable without stressing your own hair. I use it when I need that extra volume and combines it with my keratin extensions.