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Ellen Franzén
Ellen Franzen is a 36 year old woman with a passion for beauty and fashion. Ellen works as a freelance journalist and on her blog you will find very interesting reviews, tips and exciting events! 
Poze Tape On Sunkissed Beige 12NA/10B - 50cm
The ability to get fuller your hair with a natural and comfortable result is crucial for me. With Poze Tape On, I get exactly the results I want. Thanks to Poze Tape On set with 20 pieces of hair weighing totally 52g/package  you get maximum volume and fullness to the hair. I recommend 1 or 2 packets depending on the desired result. 
Poze Power Tape
Thanks to this tape, I can easily reuse my Tape on hair extensions. With Poze Power Tape you can be assured that you will get the strongest and best tape with sustainable results.