See which Poze products Sindy Niklasson use.
Sindy Niklasson
Sindy Niklasson is 21 years old and runs the blog and website Sindy will also be a mother in February 2015 and on the blog you get to follow on this exciting trip. In addition to the blog, she also works as a model and has a great interest in fashion and clothing. 
Poze Premium Keratin Midnight Black #1N - 60cm
Sindy says: I chose Poze hair extensions because of the outstanding quality. The hair is awesome and very easy to maintain and has remained very glossy and soft. I also know that the team who works at Poze is experts in Hair Extensions which feels good and nice when you decided to go for this amazing change. The finished result was perfect and it feels quite magical to have such long hair in short time!
Tangle Teezer - Purple
A "must have" product when you have extensions. Detangles hair painlessly without damaging your hair. Simple and sleek design that allows you to store it anywhere or why not have it in your handbag. Available in several colorful colors.