Poze Clip On Bangs Light Copper Brown

Clip On Fringe

Light Copper Brown 7BK

Now you can easily change your hairstyle without cutting your hair. Our Clip-on fringes gives you a trendy look in just minutes. Poze Synthetic Fiber with fantastic quality provides a natural feel.
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How to do: Backcomb lightly in your own bangs area and fix with hairspray. Then attach the extensions bangs by pinning it on your bangs with the clips. Remember to style the rest of your hair to get a natural look. Simple and easy!



Made of premium materials to give a natural result and long durability. In our synthetic collection, we have developed fashionable products to give you timeless hairstyles with volume, length and color effects. There are great opportunities for those who want functional and affordable products for your hair. 
Note that synthetic hair can not be shaped or colored!

Care advice for synthetic hair


1. You must not sleep or work out with synthetic hair, always take out your extensions before bed. This save hair quality and you get a more comfortable sleep.


2. Do not wash the hair more often than necessary. If you feel that your extensions have lost their freshness is it usually enough to let it sniff overnight. Do not use any styling products on the hair. Spray only on your own hair.


3. Before you wash the hair with lukewarm water gently brush through your hair to sort out any tangles. Apply a mild shampoo and massage gently, no circular motions which tangles the hair. Use an investigative conditioner and brush the hair at the same time.


4. When you dry the hair, you should shake it thoroughly and squeeze out the water with a towel, then let the hair dry naturally for minimal wear. Remember that you can’t rub the hair with the towel, only gently squeeze out all the water.


5. Once the hair has dried, brush through it carefully, preferably with a swine brush or wide-toothed comb.


6. This hair is made of Synthetic Fiber that can withstand heat up to 150-180 degrees, we recommend you avoid heat tools on synthetic hair. We are not responsible for hair that has been damaged due to flattened or styled with heat.


7. If you are still determined to flatten your hair, you should use fast-moving motions with the iron through the hair section by section. Spray a little warm water on the section before you flatten.